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WA cask beer festival

WA cask beer festival, Seattle Center

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rogue: Dirtoir Black Lager

Holy cow this stuff pours nicely! The head is a super dark foam that had a dense top. The pour is viscous and uneventful as it filled my glass. No bubbles or gurgles like I just poured some 5w30 out of it's container. Very impressive for a lager, even impressive if it was a porter! The smell is great and reminds me of every great porter I've had in the past, even mine. The body is just as good! Thick on the tongue and coats my mouth with a thick burnt slighty chocolately deliciousness. Great bitterness too, kinda filled my senses and and stayed there reminding me that there was more in the glass to indulge in. No way this is a porter.

*runs to check label...*

GYO, label says Grow Your Own. They grew the hops and barley? Huh. Who does that? Doesn't seem that they grew ALL the grain but at least one or two of them. They did however grow the hops. What makes this a lager? Hmm. If you EVER see this on the shelf, get it.

Silver City Brewery

Panther Porte
-Good, not great but good. It has a little coffee flavor to it, not overly chalky if at all, needs more burny, but it's decent. The only one I think I'd recommend besided teh weizenbock.

Ridgetop Red
-"Highly Drinkable", yup. Also can be confused with , "No Body". A red, sure, But to toss teh word Amber in there implies a certain body that isn't present. It has a clean finish making you forget what it tasted like.

Indianola Pale Ale
-Very claer for an IPA, good hops, decent body. It doesn't linger too long but it's pleasant.

Fat Scotch Ale
--Mmm, peaty. It has a good body, lingering flavor, but I can see through it. Maybe it's their conditioning tank. Very sweet but it's changed a lot through the years.

Beautimus Weizenbock
-This sh*t is banana's, b-a-n-a-n-a-s. Bavarian gets me every time. This beer is an odd favorite of mine and I'm not too familiar with them. Unlike any other beer you will typically have and that's why I like this style.

Shannon's Irish Stout (nitro)
-Kinda dissappointed in this one. It does not pass the stout hole test. Not sweet, not full bodied. I really like nitro stouts, I really do. but this was fail. My taste buds are now in longing of a good one.

-Fruit juice soda? EXTRA SPECIAL BITTER PEOPLE! Clean finish (not appropriate), weak body, and after drinking anything else before it, not memorable in the least.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pliny the elder clone

Pliny the elder clone, Austin homebrew supply version.