Monday, March 15, 2010

Oskar Blues - Gordon ale

Oskar Blues - Gordon ale

Oh this is good!

It's like an imperial IPA and little bit of an amber ale blended together. No, maybe think of a full bodied IPA with some malty roasty goodness. Either way... I like it. It complimented stuffed steak pinwheels really well.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Buffalo Bills, Blueberry Stout

Stouts. They should be thick, tasty, malty, roasty. Especially if they claim to be an oatmeal stout. This beer is labeled as a Blueberry Oatmeal Stout. Hmm. The blueberry is fairly weak flavor which is fine by me. I don't feel fruit beers should be overly fruity and this beer isn't overwhelming in it's blueberry-ness. The body is about a medium and isn't quite as thick as I was expecting. The head poured a nice tan and has a nice dark reddish hue to it. It wasn't as malty as I wanted. Roastyness just wasn't there either. And den.......

Stout hole test. Fail.

I know, but I already was leading up to that. Overall though, not a terrible beer. Buffalo Bill does a Pumpkin Ale which I get every chance I can. I figured that the Blueberry Stout should be similar. Which it is cause the flavor blend of the fruit was done well and is tasteful. But to claim that it is an Oatmeal Stout? Nah. It's not. Try a bottle for yourself, but don't get the 6 pack.

Brew Munkey - Circus Freak Amber

Brew Munkey - Circus Freak Amber

After one week in the bottle… I couldn’t help myself…
Ha, HA! I have beer again! After a too long hiatus, my brew rig is back up and running at full steam. It’s affectionally called (say this in a booming monster truck announcer kind of voice) Not just Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! But now every day that ends in “Y!”


Sorry, got excited… So. It turns out I didn’t calculate the efficiency of my new brew rig correctly, this version of Amber turned out much, much stronger than I expected. Turns out I’m ok with that “problem.”
I also have our Scottish ale, Brewkakii, bottled and I have a clone of Pliny the elder fermenting. Brew Munkey will be back with a vengeance this year! Prepare yourself now for the coming of Brewmageddon!