Friday, May 23, 2008

Tasting Recap

Our first tasting went really well! Our appologies to anyone who got the wrong address...

As for who liked what: The Weissebock and EYE.P.A recieved the most votes, EYE.P.A came out the overall winner after Munkey 1 and I voted. But the big surprise was the Mystery Beer - it won the title of most consumed.

We're definatly planning to do this again! Maybe next time we'll have to have a BBQ and beer tasting!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hop Henge Imperial IPA

(That's ice on the glass, I didn't want to wait anymore for the beer to chill)

The price was right and it was sunny out and we were having a BBQ - perfect conditions for a good IPA. And, wow this was a good beer. So good I went and got another bottle the day after I tried it.

Pretty typical IPA until you taste it. Normal pour, smells hoppy but not overpowering, medium viscosity, good head. Taste of the first sip almost had me worried - BAM! IPA! I am HOPS, ROAR! But, by the finish of the first sip the imperal-ness made itself clear, the beer had a beautiful alcohol sweet finish. This taste would make a good Imperial IPA ice cream.

I really enjoyed this beer, the dichotomy really made it interesting. It is to beer what the pre-mixed peanut butter and jelly (the one with columns of each one in the jar) is to sandwiches.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Stone Ruination IPA

Stone doesn't have great balance on this one but it has certaintly went ape poo with the hops! The body is medium, the white head eminates bitterness, and the alcohol was subdued (for 7.7 abv at least). Very clean, bubbly, and golden in color. I've had lagers that have looked similar. It was served around 47-50*. I thoroughly enjoyed this one with a steak. It never gave me a coated mouth feel and was good to the last drop. Very good for an IPA though I'd like it more if it had a thicker body.

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!

Brew Munkey Tasting - Be there.

Its going to be bigger and badder than we originally thought! 9 different beers, 1 cider and 3 potential late entries. Yep, that’s right - Lucky number 13, 13 of our homebrew's! To put that in perspective its more than twice what 'Bob's Burger and Brew' has on tap... And if that's not enough there might even be live music by The Collected!

So, if you like beer - this Saturday, May 10th, come hang out with Brew Munkey!

The confirmed attendees list:
Apple Cider
Mystery Beer

Including possible guest appearances by:
The Imperial Tard Munkey
Mocha Cherry Stout
Blessed Barleywine

Get a hold of one of us for more details and directions

Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Belgium Brewery: 1554 Enlightened Black Ale

Milk Stout was the first thing that popped into mind. It has a smooth, creamy body that coats the tongue, has a slight porter aftertaste, but lacks the alcohol or co2 bite I am looking for. I drank it in a bottle so I don't have the body color. Try it, its not bad. Just make it your first drink.