Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Samual Smith's: Old Brewery Pale Ale

Smokey, malty, peaty, with a decent alcohol twang
White. Yup, it's white.
Medium, not super
Bourbon, Alcohol. Needs more body to cary the rest of it

Not terrible overall. have it again? Meh. Not the best but alright. I'd recommmend you try it just to do so. But to be labeled a Pale kinda threw me off, this is far enough from the style that I'm used to that i just can't believe it. Might be fun to try a few of their beers together so I can see to what style the brewery taylors to.

April Brews Day: 2010

Edit to come:

Lazy Boy - Chili Porter
Chili me no likey. Would liek to try it withough.

Rock Bottom - IPA
Not terrible. Very flowery and dry hopped. Very cloudy body.

Snipes - Blonde
Decent? Very light.

Georgetown - 9lb Porter

Dicks - Danger Ale
Talked to the co-owner. Started life as a cream stout. Not what I expected to hear. It's a pale with black malt, I like.

Oskar Blues - Old Chub Scotch
Consistantly Good

Ninkasi - Spring Reign
Pale, good body, little too hopped but a good ale. Go Ninkasi!

Snipes - IPA
Blah, Yuck, Not a good IPA. Ever suck on a hop? Not good.

Maritime - Imperial IPA
Imperial. IPA. I like. Thick body, good bitter. Try it.

Fish Tale - Organic IPA
Eh. Alright. Too commercial?

North Fork - Son of Frog
Not my favorite. Lots of people like it but it's just not my thing. Not very thick.

Northern Light - Solar
Dunno. Hands are sticky. Ran a 5k in the morning, it's the end of the night. Very IPA. Not sure if I could drink more than one but it's decent. I'll have to try it again.