Saturday, August 22, 2009

Elysian - Dragonsooth Stout

Elysian - Dragonsooth Stout

Still awesome. The peanut butter Oreo's that are in the background there, not so much.

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Passes the stout hole test

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stout Hole Test, Dogfish Head - Palo Santo

Stout Hole Test, Dogfish Head - Palo Santo

Even thought this isn't a stout, I wanted to see how it would do in the Stout Hole Test. It just barely fails, not bad for a brown ale huh!

Dogfish Head - Palo Santo Marron

Dogfish Head - Palo Santo Marron

What is that (good) smell?! This beer looks like a stout when it pours, but is smells like, like oak on steroids? Don't know how to describe it.

My first sip had me dissapointed, it was "woo hoo it's a brown ale... dee dee dee, why am I not tasting that weird smell?" And it had a really dry finish. Strange, I know, I'd heard awesome things about this beer.

Third sip (second sip was blah), oh. Oh. OH! Wow. There's something awesome there. I didn't know you could bottle awesome but apparently dogfish head has figured out how.

For me the taste kept building, at first I wished they had gone with a more flavorful base beer, but as I drank more I'm glad they didn't. The dry finish seemed to fade away too, maybe I had the beer too cold?! Maybe it's the 12%... There's some kind of hickory, maple sugar, smoked oaky thing going on. I think I'm going to need another bottle to try to describe the taste.

Another amazing brew from Dogfish Head!

p.s. I'm looking for a bottle of Dogfish Head's Theobroma, anyone in Washington seen a bottle?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dogfish Head - Burton Baton

Dogfish Head - Burton Baton

Oak aged Imperial IPA?!?!

Oh wow, I need more! First sip is meh, ok good ipa, I expect that from Dogfish Head. Then the oak hits. Kind of sneaks up on you, like "woah what was that?!" so you take another sip. I'm looking for the oak now, and it's good. This beer has a lot to it, I kinda wish it had come in a 22oz. so I could continue on my beer quest. But it's probably best it doesn't... Anyway, I like it. It's everything that is awesome about the 90 minute IPA + 42.

If you see it, buy it!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alaskan - Smoked Porter

Alaskan - Smoked Porter

This one smells pretty good but, I didn't really care for the taste of it. It was a little too smokey tasting for me. Tastes too much like liquid smoke. I also thought it was a little on the thin side.

Now, in my opinion, if Alaskan was to take the Alaskan Baltic Porter and add just a hint of smokiness they'd have something wicked awesome.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chuckanut Brewery - Second chance review

Chuckanut Brewery, take 2.
Went there for happy hour, thank god I didn't pay full price... Their beer still sucks.

Bonus points if you can guess what beer that is in the picture.

Lager? - No

Pale Ale? - No

IPA? - No

Ok that's three guesses, I'll tell you what it is. It's their amber. Yes I said amber, as in amber ale.

It tastes as watery as it looks. It doesn't smell like much, the head was very thin and dissipated quickly. My buddy described it as paying a premium for draft Budweiser.

I tried - I wanted to like your beer, I really did. I really liked Snoqualmie Falls Brewery when I visited and I made a point to hit your booth at every beer event and to try as many offerings of yours as I could before I passed judgment. But I've been disappointed every time. I wish your brewery well, I think it has a lot of potential, but I'll be drinking elsewhere from now on.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dogfish Head - Midas Touch

Dogfish Head - Midas Touch

Interesting brew. Almost like a beer and wine mix. Pours like a beer, smells like a beer, but has a sweetish kind of white wine taste mixed in there.

First sip, the beer is thicker than I expected and a little sweeter than I thought it would be. I think the beer/wine flavors blend better as it warms a little. Smooth too. I'm liking it, but I'm not sure what it would go well with. There's a weird redbull-ish sweet/sour taste that I can't place. I'd call this beer a light dessert beer. Although it might go well with roasted lamb... guess I'm not sure what to make of it, more research is needed!

Overall an interesting and pretty tasty beer, just not one I see myself drinking too often.