Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Flyers Brewery: Sick Duck Imperial Stout

Let me say, EXCELLENCE! Tony does an awesome job and gives his brews the attention they so deserve. The brewery is set up nice and cozy with a pane glass view of his 7 bbl brew setup. The Sick Duck is a seasonal beer that must be had. Its rich malty, sweet goodness certaintly does a number on my tastebuds while its 10% abv warms the pallet up nicely. This is a beer which is double mashed and sits heavily on the tongue. It is served in a small schooner and is a wise decision to have with desert or as desert alone!


Make sure you try the nachos for cast iron skillet deliciousness!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Dogfish Head: Raison D'Être

I got this cause it was cheap, made from Dogfish Head, and I was warned that it wasn't the best. "Belgian beet sugars, green raisins"... Sounds weird.

And it is. I tasted black licorice, root beer, and coca cola? But not as sweet as all of them put together. It was good despite that. I had it with some teriyaki chicken and broccoli. Not necessarily great, but a must have if your looking for something different.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Heine = Fail

Click here for more info if you care

First off, I don't like Heineken. At all. Ever. But they have some "interesting" products - I stumbled on this while searching for some other beer equipment. I thought it was a Heineken coffee maker...

So now, for the price of your own real draft system, you can get a "fun size" draft setup. Boo Heineken.

Brew Munkey is about to do another lager, until then keep your beverages top fermented.

Stone XI (11th) Anniversary Ale
Sept 2007 Release

Wow, the first beer I've ever had that comes close to our IPArter. Its flowery hoppy flavor has a strong bite. The dark, rich, almost porter like malt really hits a spot with me. Not to mention that the hops, followed up with a high alcohol content (8.7%), lend to its overall huge presence. I enjoyed a 22oz bottle with Nate and Eric. Highly recommended, however, they are no longer brewed. They are available on ebay, get yours now.

Friday, March 14, 2008

2008 NHC Beer entrries

The Tard Munkey and Mocha Cherry Stout are getting packed to head to the first round of the 2008 National Homebrew Competition!

Monday, March 10, 2008

On Tap

Brewmunkey1 "On Tap"


This beer is becoming one of my staple beers. Its more malty than the big brewery ESB's, and has more bitterness (a trait that seems to be dying off). It's not quite clear and doesn't stick to the pallet like a heavier beer does. I wouldn't say "crisp" but it has enough there to be a well balanced beer. Make sure to swing by and try it if you're around the neighborhood.


Much like the Sweet & Sour Weisenbock, this is a wheat beer. Its very clean with a light honey hue. With fruity tones and a crisp finish you'll know you'll like it by your second taste. This definetly isn't a beer you just find at the store.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Portland Oregon Brew crawl

Golden Valley Brewery - Tannen Bomb

A rich stout from McMinville Oregon. The first one was drank from a bottle so its clarity is unknown, but judging from looking down the neck, this one is near the consitancy of Rogue Dead Guy. Very good! It has a rich malty full flavor and tastes dark and thick. Pouring it into a glass shows a cloudy thick amber body.

Widmer Brewery was packed.

White Eagle - McMenamins

Rubinator - Terminator Stout with Ruby something or other. They don't really tell you what the Ruby is, but by itself it tastes like an overly done berry beer. The Terminator isn't all that great either, but put them together and you have something! I also had their Irish Stout on Nitro with a Communication Breakdown Burger. Very good. The Rubinator was good too. I've had it before. It ends up a rasberry flavored stout.
Good. Make sure to have it if you are ever in the area. The other beers end up being a little weak to me. The pub itself is a classic McMenamins style. It is a hotel/pub! There is even an item on the menu that includes a beer, burger, and bunk, for $38.

Berbati's Pan & Restaurant

Pounded copper floor with high ceilings and dim low lighting. It was dead but had a real good atmosphere.
They had Lagunita's IPA on tap with a few more.

Tugboat Brewery

Chernobyle Stout "Double Imperial Russian Stout"
Balsamic Vinegar? Good, supposedly 13abv and served in a 8oz glass. Good bar. Small, dark, just like all the others. They had 4 beers on tap and brew with a 2 barrel system. Not bad. Not syrupy, not very carbonated. maybe an IBU of 30 (nate will be writhing). I recommend this spot for its nastalgic presence and bookcase display. I would wish to aspire to such, but with more food and beer. They served 9 beers not their own.

Ringlers - McMenamins

Wow, back at a McMenamins bar called Ringlers we go. Good beer, small club with the bar in the middle of the establishment. Not a hotel version but more of a night club. These pubs are all over the place! The beer is decent and I'd recommend stopping by.
Roobois Amber soon to come in our lineup? Ask us about it in the near future!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

What's on tap

Brew Munkey A currently has Brewkakii on tap. Its malty and earthy and good like a scottish ale should be, full review to follow.

Munkey EYE.p.a Should be on tap in a week or two - we'll see if it needs another round of dry hopping...

Brew Munkey 1? What you got on tap?!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Skagit Brewery - My take on it

First off I liked the place. And when the train thunders by (tracks are maybe 10' away) grab your glass and pretend your on a roller coaster! Overall the beer was above average, some of the lighter stuff was meh. The barleywine and the stout were the standouts. I tried everything to get a bottle of their barleywine to take home, but it didn't happen. Guess I'll have to head back.

What I didn't like was one of the waitresses. Everyone else there was awesome, even the person that had to fill in for our waitress when she went on an unannounced break... I ordered something that was supposed to have gorgonzola, it had blue cheese instead. It was still good but when I asked about it bitchy waitress said, "We don't serve blue cheese, that’s why you're wrong." What about the blue cheese burger on the menu... /end rant.

In summary, if you like beer give, the place a try. I’m defiantly heading back soon!