Friday, December 25, 2009

Great Divide - Yeti Imperial Stout

Great Divide - Yeti Imperial Stout

Nom, Nom, Nom. Munkey like Imperial stout!

After trying the oak aged version of this I'd been halfheartedly looking for the "plain" imperial stout. Good stuffseses here, roasty, sweet, chocolaty, good thick mouthfeel,with a dark aromatic head that stuck around for most of the glass.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Goose Island - Bourbon County Stout

Goose Island - Bourbon County Stout

OMG, beer heaven has this on tap. Go get some NOW!!!

This pours thick, like syrup. Dark brown head and an nice but pungent sweet stouty aroma. The head is fairly thin, wonder if it's been aged?! (It is, I should have read the bottle...)

Oh wow, first sip is amazing! It's sweet and thick, but smooth and there's some hoppy thing going on in the background. And the smell! It's intoxicating, and not just because it's beer... It smells sort of like beer kettle corn.

Mmmmm, second sip is just more awesomeness. This is an imperial stout. It's one of those rare brew's I'd concede to being on par with my coveted brew, the Tard Munkey. I'm going to have to stick a few in the cellar...

Widmer - Cherry Oak Doppelbock

Widmer - Cherry Oak Doppelbock

This beer disappointed me. It was fairly blah and not in the, "wow this beer has great balance" sort of way. It just really didn't taste like much. Didn't really smell like much either.

I let it warm up just to make sure I didn't miss something. Still blah, won't be buying this one again. Kinda sad that our first Widmer review is negative, they have some other brew's I like.

Sierra Nevada, Dogfish Head - Life and Limb

Sierra Nevada, Dogfish Head - Life and Limb

Two of my favorite breweries collaborated, I had to try this one.

Wingwalker - Winter Brew

Wingwalker - Winter Brew

Friday, December 18, 2009

Full Sail - Top Sail Imperial Porter, 2008

Full Sail - Top Sail Imperial Porter, 2008

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Samuel Adams - Imperial Stout

Samuel Adams - Imperial Stout

Sam Adams imperial series has been taunting me for awhile now, I finally gave in and picked some up.

No stout hole test preformed, will have to retest... :-)

It pours great, my first impression is that this is going to be an excellent beer. It smells coffee chocolaty beery. Good head, but it's pretty white for an imperial stout. First sip - damn, it's a thin beer, sad. When I think imperial beer, I think of something thick with an in your face mouthfeel. This lacks that.

Second sip, it's tasty, excellent stout, no chalky taste, very smooth. It tastes kind of like Guiness without the nitro pour. The nine and something alcohol content is masked well... Maybe a little too well. I kind of like the journy you get with some beers as they warm. This one tastes pretty consistent from start to finish.

Good stout, but lacks some of the BAM I look for in an imperial stout. I'd put it in the same category as Elysian's dragonstooth stout. I'll probably pick up another 4 pack one of these days.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alaskan - Baltic Porter

Alaskan - Baltic Porter

I need more of this. By far the best dark beer alaskan makes.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Redhook - Treblehook

Redhook - Treblehook

Good, but a little fruity. I'm really glad they brought this one back though. I'll probably buy a couple to stick in the cellar for a year or two.

Stone - Vertical epic 09

Stone - Vertical epic 09

OMG, this one is good. Dark sweetish portery belgian thing.

Some of the beers in this series have tasted "young" for lack of a better word. This one was good from the get go, I think it will be amazing in 2012!

By the way, I'm still looking for a bottle of '02

Pyramid - Snow cap

Pyramid - Snow cap

More winter seasonals!

Despite the new label, this one is also still excellent.

Deschutes - Jubelale

Deschutes - Jubelale

MMMMM winter seasonals!

I'm being lazy/busy right now. You'll have to go get a bottle and do your own review.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Russian River Brewing - Damnation

Russian River Brewing - Damnation

Excellent beer. What really stood out on this one though was the balance. No one flavor really dominated anything, but in a good way, not in a blah kind of way. Hard to describe... I'd say if you were to put every good belgian style beer you've tasted in blender you'd end up with this bottle of awesome.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maui Brewing Co., CoCoNut Porter

Our search for good beer on Waikiki has started at Lu Lu's on the corner of Kapahula and Kalakaua. Beer here seems to be a bit more expensive but there are some jems to be found. This poured with a deep red hue to it and had little white head but a great malty roasted smell. My first taste and I knew this one was a keeper. It boastes of roasted coconut but they've done a great job of blending it. Maybe it's the actual flavor or maybe it's talent, either way it's a winner. The typical chalky porter flavor was a little subdued compared to the nice thickness it presented. If I can find this on the mainland I'll grab ya one.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Elysian - Dragonsooth Stout

Elysian - Dragonsooth Stout

Still awesome. The peanut butter Oreo's that are in the background there, not so much.

Read more here

Passes the stout hole test

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stout Hole Test, Dogfish Head - Palo Santo

Stout Hole Test, Dogfish Head - Palo Santo

Even thought this isn't a stout, I wanted to see how it would do in the Stout Hole Test. It just barely fails, not bad for a brown ale huh!

Dogfish Head - Palo Santo Marron

Dogfish Head - Palo Santo Marron

What is that (good) smell?! This beer looks like a stout when it pours, but is smells like, like oak on steroids? Don't know how to describe it.

My first sip had me dissapointed, it was "woo hoo it's a brown ale... dee dee dee, why am I not tasting that weird smell?" And it had a really dry finish. Strange, I know, I'd heard awesome things about this beer.

Third sip (second sip was blah), oh. Oh. OH! Wow. There's something awesome there. I didn't know you could bottle awesome but apparently dogfish head has figured out how.

For me the taste kept building, at first I wished they had gone with a more flavorful base beer, but as I drank more I'm glad they didn't. The dry finish seemed to fade away too, maybe I had the beer too cold?! Maybe it's the 12%... There's some kind of hickory, maple sugar, smoked oaky thing going on. I think I'm going to need another bottle to try to describe the taste.

Another amazing brew from Dogfish Head!

p.s. I'm looking for a bottle of Dogfish Head's Theobroma, anyone in Washington seen a bottle?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dogfish Head - Burton Baton

Dogfish Head - Burton Baton

Oak aged Imperial IPA?!?!

Oh wow, I need more! First sip is meh, ok good ipa, I expect that from Dogfish Head. Then the oak hits. Kind of sneaks up on you, like "woah what was that?!" so you take another sip. I'm looking for the oak now, and it's good. This beer has a lot to it, I kinda wish it had come in a 22oz. so I could continue on my beer quest. But it's probably best it doesn't... Anyway, I like it. It's everything that is awesome about the 90 minute IPA + 42.

If you see it, buy it!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alaskan - Smoked Porter

Alaskan - Smoked Porter

This one smells pretty good but, I didn't really care for the taste of it. It was a little too smokey tasting for me. Tastes too much like liquid smoke. I also thought it was a little on the thin side.

Now, in my opinion, if Alaskan was to take the Alaskan Baltic Porter and add just a hint of smokiness they'd have something wicked awesome.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chuckanut Brewery - Second chance review

Chuckanut Brewery, take 2.
Went there for happy hour, thank god I didn't pay full price... Their beer still sucks.

Bonus points if you can guess what beer that is in the picture.

Lager? - No

Pale Ale? - No

IPA? - No

Ok that's three guesses, I'll tell you what it is. It's their amber. Yes I said amber, as in amber ale.

It tastes as watery as it looks. It doesn't smell like much, the head was very thin and dissipated quickly. My buddy described it as paying a premium for draft Budweiser.

I tried - I wanted to like your beer, I really did. I really liked Snoqualmie Falls Brewery when I visited and I made a point to hit your booth at every beer event and to try as many offerings of yours as I could before I passed judgment. But I've been disappointed every time. I wish your brewery well, I think it has a lot of potential, but I'll be drinking elsewhere from now on.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dogfish Head - Midas Touch

Dogfish Head - Midas Touch

Interesting brew. Almost like a beer and wine mix. Pours like a beer, smells like a beer, but has a sweetish kind of white wine taste mixed in there.

First sip, the beer is thicker than I expected and a little sweeter than I thought it would be. I think the beer/wine flavors blend better as it warms a little. Smooth too. I'm liking it, but I'm not sure what it would go well with. There's a weird redbull-ish sweet/sour taste that I can't place. I'd call this beer a light dessert beer. Although it might go well with roasted lamb... guess I'm not sure what to make of it, more research is needed!

Overall an interesting and pretty tasty beer, just not one I see myself drinking too often.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Alaskan: White Ale

It was on tap at Demitri's so I had to try a taste. Normally I would never buy anything that Alaskan makes but I had a rare opportunity to sample something. This beer is sweet, effervesant carbonation, no body, and tastes peculiarily like Budweiser. It's a "Belgium" so naturally the hops aren't there. It may be on par to they style, but I don't like it in the least.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Budweiser & Clamato "Chelada"

Budweiser & Clamato "Chelada"

This is one of those, you know it's a bad idea but have to try it anyway senarios.Curiosity finally got the best of me, I had to try it.

The review:

Holy crap this stuff is beyond terrible. People actually like this?!

It smells like what would happen if you wore a pair of salmon as shoes for few days. And it tastes like I imagine rancid sardine juice would taste. I'd rather drink pickle brine.

A buddy's review: "Tastes like the piss of an alchoholic cod, with a little tomato." How he knows what that tastes like, I don't know. Maybe that's his secret to catching more fish than me...

Quote from a roomate I con'd into drinking it: "It's like post tramatic stress, but in my mouth. The taste won't go away, I think I'm scared for life."

My other roomate declined to comment. However he did disappear into the bathroom for quite awhile.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Margaritaville Brewing - Landshark Lager

Margaritaville Brewing - Landshark Lager

Landshark Lager Website

Normally I don't buy beer that comes in a clear bottle (UV light can damage good beer), but one of my roomates brought this back for me from his recent road trip so how could I say no.

Turns out it's pretty tasty! Very refreshing too. It's got enough flavor to be interesting but light enough to be drinkable on a hot day. Only downside is to get it localy it's nearly $9/six pack.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Stone: Levitation Ale

Mmm. Poured a deep amber color with a off white head. It is an interesting ale to describe. Compared to an IPA, this has a thicker body that's a bit malty like an irish red but with a bunch more hops. It's not as hoppy as their IPA's but it's a decent balance IMO between how malty it is. Definitely worth a try if you haven't had it before and are a fan Stone (which I am).

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bridgeport Brewery: Hop Czar

This one poured a golden light brown with a typical white head. Why do I continue to write that? It looks and pours of a typical IPA but I was looking a for a little more. Aside from a higher alcohol content this was a sub-par IPA! The smell was of old hops, the body was a little better, but the overall mouthfeel and presence just wasn't what I expect from an Imperial. I better go grab some other beers before the last couple of IPA's I've had ruin them for me. This one is a C- at best. Not at all like the Jasmine IPA or the Lavender IPA I had a while ago, but I won't have this again.

Elysian: Jasmine IPA

It poured a light brown color with a white head. And when I say brown, I mean it had very little golden hue. The aroma smelled a little off and not of Jasmine at all, and I drink a lot of Jasmine Green Tea. First sip tastes like bread or malt. Not good at all. The hops were of just a wrong flavor and the body was all wrong. Maybe I got a bad batch? This beer is borderline gross. I keep thinking of doughy bread. I'll try it again later if someone else gets it, but this bottle is not right. Could be because it says bottled for Elysian by New Belgium Brewery? Oh Dick, how could you.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Trader Joe's Hofbrau

Trader Joe's Hofbrau

Good beer, can't beat the price either. Kind of sweet, surprisingly balnaced out by a bit of an alcholol bite (7% !).

Try their Hofbrau-braut's too.

Belhaven - Wee Heavey

Belhaven - Wee Heavey

I was really excited to find this, I stumbled across it in Burlington. It's everything I like about their scottish ale taken up a notch. If I found it in a draught can, I'd probably buy as much of it as I could.

Malty, peaty, earthy goodness. I like the heavier body, excellent aroma - very fresh earthy beery smell. Tastes amazing, it's like an imperial scottish ale. Must find more.

Deshutes - Cinder Cone Red

Deshutes - Cinder Cone Red

I like Deshutes Brewery, their seasonal red ale is no exception. Great beer, for the full review see the bottom of the bottle after consuming the contents.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anacortes Brewery: Porter

This poured a deep dark body with an off tan head. Porters are one of my favorite beers but this one maintained a lightness on the tongue and lacked the chalkiness I'm sort of fond of in a porter. I think it's a porter that just about anyone could drink but those familiar with porters would find this one is lacking a bit. The hop presense was decent and at an appropriate level with the color leaning a bit to the brown side as opposed to black (though a very dark beer).

Anacortes Brewery: Amber

Poured a deep brown amber color just a smidge darker than a typical amber. It had a great smell, off white head, and a great peaty presense. It wasn't too sweet and it clung to the palet nicely. Not quite a hot summer day beer but it did well.I've had Anacortes beer a couple times in the past and they haven't let me down before. Definetly a worthy contender.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fishing + MGD = A good day

For some reason it tastes way better at a lake with a fishing pole in hand.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Deschutes - Mirror Mirror Barleywine

Deschutes - Mirror Mirror

Smells sweet and malty, large head when first poured but disapated quickly. First taste was sweet and dry. Second taste was more of the same and the beer seemed just a little thin. I'm just barely tasting the oak, I also like that the hops aren't dominating like some other barleywines.

Good beer, I think it will be a great beer after a year or so of aging.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Belhaven Scottish Stout

Belhaven Scottish Stout

Had this on tap at the Copper Hog. I thought it was mislabled and I was going to end up with the Belhaven Scottish ale. I was wrong.

Awesome stout! Smooth and stouty with all the goodness of a scottish ale mixed in. I was really happy with it, need to find more.

Port Townsend - Barleywine

Port Townsend - Barleywine

American Style barleywine.

Smells great! First sip is perfect, sweet bitter, thick, just right carbonation. Really liked it! But, the hop flavor starts building and gets a little overpowering and resiny. Aging should blend that nicely into the rest of the beer. Get a bottle if you find one!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Ninkasi:Total Domination IPA

Total domination? I think not. I've been dominated by several beers in the past and this will not be another such case. The hop level isn't quite what you would expect from a "domination" IPA and it has almost a muddy hop flavor. The head poured white, it has a bubbly body, and the body is an off amber with cloudiness. You would expect a beer like this to have a crazy smell to it but this didn't have anything. I wouldn't recommend it. I'll try their other beers just to make sure they don't fail at that. Supposidly the Double Red is good.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mendocino Brewing Company: White Hawk IPA

Same as pictured before (below), this IPA had a deeper amber color than is usually presented with an IPA. The head was white and it had a standardish co2 level that was pleasant and not overly harsh. Alongside with the deeper color it had a nice malt flavor that aided the beer well. It wasn't sweet like some IPA's (a good thing since sweet hops are not good). The hops were in full force though they didn't overdo it. I'd say this is what a typical IPA should be as nothing really stood out from other IPA's, making this pretty drinkable. I'd like to sample their other beers if I ever make it to Ukiah, CA.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mendocino Brewing Company: Black Eye Ale

Found this on sale at the local grocery store. It says it's a blend of their Black Hawk Stout and Eye of the Hawk Ale. It poured a dark mahogony color but the head quickly dissapated. It looked good but at first sip I couldn't tell what it wanted to be. I've had stout/IPA's before with great success but this one is too sweet and the ale just didn't lend enough flavor to offset the stout. Since it is a blended beer it was hard to tell. Overall not a great choice but I'm sure it's better from the tap. Never heard of Mendocino Brewing Company before so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Georgetown Brewery: Rogers Pilsner

Georgetown has a great rep to me. I'm not a fan of lagers or pilsners at all but I had to try this beer. Golden yellow body, white head, crisp carbonation. This beer has a malty lager flavor, light hops, and a light mouth feel anfter it's gone. By light I mean medium. It's got a decent flavor for a pilsner and I'd definetly have it again. Thumbs up again to Georgetown!

Lagunita's: Pale Ale

Transparent light amber color, white head. Super flowery hop with a decent bittering hop portion. If it had a better bittering this would be an IPA. This characteristic (to me) doesn't make it a great Pale but it wasn't terrible. This could have been a much better pale should it have been toned down a bit.

Lagunita's: Hairy Eyeball

Heavy maple, thick malt smell and flavor. Tastes like some imperial stouts. Head poured an off white with a deep mahogony color. Not super drinkable but a decent beer to go with a steak dinner. Once of the heavier beers on tap tonight at the Green Frog/Acoustic Tavern.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ninkasi - Believer Double Red Ale

Ninkasi - Believer Double Red Ale

Not bad, not good. Whole lotta meh. Malty, dry, some hops, some carbonation. Not getting the double part, it tastes like a really good Killian's. Not thirlled about it, but I'd drink it if it showed up in my fridge again.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Miller Chill

Miller Chill
The one with lime. It was finally cheap enough that I had to find out just how terrible it is.

I'm going to do this review from the beer's perspective starting from when I first saw it.

Miller Chill talking here:
Man, I don't like hanging out in this cart, I wish I was back in the cooler with all the other cool beers. Oh, hey, it's a person, OOOHHHH pick me, pick me! Damn. Oh, wait, he's back! He's checking out the price.... still checking.... stillllllllllll checking.... Sweet, I'm in!

Ah, back in a fridge again, this is the good life. Hey guys, what's up?!

Stone Russian imperial stout talking:
How did you get in here? Are we having guests over? Did I miss the memo about beer pong?

Chimey talking:
Seriously, a lime beer?! Aren't you the guy's that coined the phrase, don't fruit the beer?

Full Sail Imperial Porter talking:
I don't know how he got in the cart with me, don't look at me.

Belhaven Scottish Ale:
Maybe it's the economy, he's trying to save money by convincing himself beer doesn't taste good?

No way, have you seen the basement at this place? There's some guys down there with accents I can't even understand.

Miller Chill:
Hey, we're all beer right? Party time?!

(Door opens)

Hey, what's the deal, no fridge light? Haha, looks like I'm first today guys!
Oh crap, not the freezer!
Ok, frosty glass, it's showtime!
(fart) oh, hope that didn't smell too bad...
Beer, beer, beer, beer, I am beer. Ohhh shiney, i like glass tables. Oh, oops, almost forgot - LIME!
LIME, lime. LIME, beer.
I wonder if lime ruines what beeriness I have, hmmm well I'll just focus coating taste buds like a cough drop. I wonder if this is what raw tree sap tastes like?! nah I've got lots of brothers, people must like me.

Ok, yeah, that's cool, we'll just chill a little bit and have some peanuts.
Hey, hey you! Hey, wait!
He must be on a pee break...
Hey,where did you get that new glass?! Wait, what's that? It's full?!

Oh, well, I understand. Hey, it's not you its me and, well hey, you're alright; don't worry we're still cool, I'll just hang out and chill here.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Aventinus - Eisbock

Aventinus - Eisbock

They freeze this beer and scoop out the ice before it gets bottled, which makes the beer stronger and intensities all the flavors.

No exception here - It's just an explosion of a belgian beer goodness. Dark pour with a head that just keeps building. It tastes spicy and sweet, like a good bock, but much more intense - one sip was almost like a whole glass, coats your tastebuds. It's not as thick as I expected - maybe that's due to the carbonation. As it warmed it got sweeter, I think it tastes like what would happen if you mixed a trappist beer with a barleywine and an imperial stout.

Belhaven Scottish Ale - Draught

Belhaven Scottish Ale - Draught

This is one of my favorite Scottish ales. And it's got a widget +1 cool factor.

Great nitro pour for a can, just look at the picture! Nice malty peaty scottish alse taste with the smooth creamyness of a nitro. No gritty dirt taste like you sometimes get with the guiness draught cans. Continues to be an exceptionally smooth beer all the way through the glass, a great beer to relax with after a long day.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale

Usually, when I can't decide what I want, I grab a Sierra Nevada. It's just always a good choice. Crisp, clean, hoppy, malty, good body and mouthfeel, good aroma, solid head, good carbonation - It's a great all around beer.

Plus, I think they have the easiest bottles to clean and prep for homebrew use.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scuttlebutt - Homeport Blonde

Scuttlebutt - Homeport Blonde

Anthony's restaurant is the only place I know to get this brew in Bellingham. Supposedly it's only brewed for Anthony's, the the internet tells me otherwise... Pretty tasty, went really well with fried oysters. Nothing too fancy, very clean tasting but not in a lager type way. Some hops, some malt, good almost citrsy smell. We'll call it a versitle drinkable beer. I'll probably get it again sometime.

North Fork - Nitro Porter

MMMMmmmm Nitro Porter. All the porter goodness with a creamy nitro head. Wow, that sounded almost pornographic... It was good but not that good... lol. Solid porter on a nitro pour, not much else to say, go get a glass.

Rouge - Brewer's Ale

Rouge - Brewer's Ale

Oh, wow, this stuff is thick! And pungent - strong sweet barlywiny beery smell explodes when you pour it!

I was a little overwhelmed with my first sip - wayyyyyy sweeter than I was expecting. But that turned out to be a good thing. Sweet and almost chewy, this beer was a sipper. No real alcohol sharpness, but you know it's there. Some roasty malt flavors come out as it warms up. Butterscotch carmel flavors dominate, this beer is almost like a carmel flavored port wine. No real hop flavors, but I'm ok with that because this is definatly a desert beer, kinda spendy but worth a try.

Rouge - Deadliest Ale

Rouge - Deadliest Ale.

Boo. Totally over hyped. Guess I'm not surprised...

My official review:
It's an amber. It tastes better than Mac and Jack's. I will never buy it again.

Scuttlebutt - Tripel

Scuttlebutt - Tripel

This was (for me) the perfect mix of a belgian beer's sweetness with an american beer's malty/hoppiness. Great balance, it starts off with a belgian like sweetness, almost tasted like a sugarcane, and that get's balanced by a light hop taste, kind of like how bacon compliments pancakes and maple syrup, and finishes with a smooth roasty maltiness.

Start to finish, I really enjoyed this beer - I'd call it an American Trappist Style.

review pending

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stone: Russian Imperial Stout '07 to '08


Wow, wasn't expecting this since I haven't had too much of it prior to this experience. This is a heavy thick beer hailing 10% abv with a maple'y thickness typical of a heavy imperial stout/porter/ipa. The head poured out a denser tan foam that dissappated quickly but left a smooth tingle. This beer coated my mouth and left a sharpe alcohol bite.


This one had the same qualities as the 2007 but it was far less. I wouldn't say it was more drinkable in any way but it definetly was a little less. The carbonation was almost effervescent yet it maintained the same bite and head. Overall a decent couple of beers but I'd recommend letting it sit for a year or two.

Georgetown Brewery: Manny's Pale Ale

I found this ale at The Grande in Bellingham. Good ale, doesn't try to be an IPA like so many others but it is a medium bodied ale with a hazy honey color. I've mentioned this beer before and I still like it. Now if I could only find more stuff from Georgetown.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Georgetown Brewery: 9lb Porter

I don't see this at the bar too often so I'm happy to find it at The Grande in Bellingham. Copared to a typical porter it's a little heavier hopped like BrewMunkey's IPArter. It still maintains a great chocolate and brown malt mouthfeel with a heavier than light (medium light?) presence. This beer got Judges Choice at 2008's April Brews Day beer festival here in Bellingham as well.

Southern Tier Brewing Company: Unearthly Imperial IPA

11% abv, 23* Plato, very well balanced and has a thick mouthfeel, nutty hop flavor, and a litght golden brown color with a light haze. I've never heard of this brewery before but I like what they've done with this one. The hops and flavor cover up the alcohold and it goes down very well. Something I'd definetly try again. Hailing from Lakewood New York.

Kettle Hops
Chinook, Cascade

Hop Back
Styrian Golding

Dry Hop
Cascade, Centenial, Chinook

Lazy Boy Brewery: Irish Amber

I've liked the IPA for a while now so it was a treat to find this at Ishka's here in bellingham. Poured as a typical amber, medium mouthfeel, dark amber body, not a great smell but it has a peaty taste to it. I liked it as a basic amber but I've had ambers that have a heavier feel to them. Overall a decent drinkable amber.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Stone Russian Imperial Stout - 2007 VS. 2008

Stone Russian Imperial Stout - 2007 VS. 2008

'07 on the right, '08 on the left.

Both definatly pass our Stout Hole test.

Both excellent beers, I would have a hard time telling them apart, but I did like the '07 better. It smelled syrupier and the extra time the flavors had to blend added to the already excellent taste. I liked the body of the '07 better, slightly smoother and thicker. The head on the '07 was not quite as developed as the '08, but they both stuck around for most of the glass and both had a nice tan tinge. Carbonation was about the same between the two, on the low to moderate side like a good thick stout should be. I was kind of surprised the differences between the "standard" and "vintage" were not as pronounced as our test of '06 VS. '07 Double Bastard.

Now for the disclaimer...High alcohol content (over 10%) coupled with an affinity for stouts probably skewed the results, if we were really trying to be scientifice we would have used smaller "fun size" samplings. But really, who came up with the "fun size" crap anyway?

Bottom line - great stouts, get yourself some and try this experiment for yourself.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


To decern what exactly it is about Blue Paddle that makes it not great, I branched out. I had a few crappy beers in the fridge from random visits, random people, and randomness. So I put together a mini lager tasting of the following beers:

MGD (Miller Genuine Draft)- Has a bit of skunk to it. Comes in a clear bottle like Corona (notorious skunk beer). Not good at all.

Molsen - Very light, tastes like absolutely nothing. No hops, no flavor, no body. As if you  watered down some MGD and got rid of the skunk you would pretty much nail this beer.

Budweiser - Compared to Molsen, this is way sweeter. It coats my mouth like salt water taffy and is hard to swallow. Again, no hops.

New Belgium Blue Paddle - This is what the other beers were missing. It has the same super light body but has a clean finish and some hops! Hallertaur? It's not super great (few lagers ever are by definition) but this is far better than the others.

So in conclusion I've organized the beers by how I like them starting with the "winner" and ending with fail.

Blue Paddle -> Molsen -> Bud -> MGD

Guiness: Stout

It was St. Patricks day and Guiness is what you're supposed to have. I will no longer honor this tradition in the fashion consumed. It was poured from a can and then put in their can-to-tap piezo thingy. It has the wrong body, wrong flavor, and was missing the very essence of a nitro-pour, being the frothy thick cream like head. Even still, the glass was hard to finish but I did anyway. Even consumed with Baileys it kept the same qualities (just more kick). 

And it fails the Stout Hole Test (sorry no picture).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

April Brews Day 2009

This year the event will be on April 25th. Enter this in your calendars and start training for the event today!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rogue: Chocolate Stout

This one poured thick black (dark brown) with a brown head. Before I took my sip I caught a whiff of the chocolate and hops. It isn't as sweet as most stout's I've had but it has a smoothness and a lingering bitterness. This could be bit thicker but being it is a chocolate stout I think it was blended well. It has a sharp bite from the alcohol content but is very drinkable and smooth. It was good but not my favorite Rogue beer.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bridgeport Stout

Bridgeport Stout

Stouty goodness - passes the stout hole test. Nothing crazy here, solid stout that covers all it's bases.

de Boomgaard - Tropicale

de Boomgaard - Tropicale

Tastes like sweet fermented mango juice - too sweet and fruity for my taste.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Deschutes: Hop Henge IPA

The first sip gave me goosebumps. This is a great IPA, not very sweet but has a good maltiness to it that isn't present in a lot of beers and shows in its amber colored body. The high alcohol gives it a bite (8.75%) and lingers after the typical aftertaste drops out. The hops (95 IBU) tend to coat the back of my mouth and gets better when it warms up a little bit. I'd recommend you get a bottle. They did a great job last year and they haven't dissappointed.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hair of the Dog - Fred #1 and #72

I had been saving this one for a special occasion.
#1 - Brewed on 10.6.97
#72 - Exact brew date unknown, beer has been in my basement for about a year.

I hate using textlish, but it's appropriate here. Holy son of wow, the bottle opens with a faint "pshsst" My first thought was, "ok, this stuff is going on 12 years old, hope it hasn't spoiled..." Defiantly not, the carbonation was weak but the flavor made up for it. Juicy thick and such an aroma, Beer heaven definatly has this on tap.

More to follow.