Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ninkasi - Believer Double Red Ale

Ninkasi - Believer Double Red Ale

Not bad, not good. Whole lotta meh. Malty, dry, some hops, some carbonation. Not getting the double part, it tastes like a really good Killian's. Not thirlled about it, but I'd drink it if it showed up in my fridge again.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Miller Chill

Miller Chill
The one with lime. It was finally cheap enough that I had to find out just how terrible it is.

I'm going to do this review from the beer's perspective starting from when I first saw it.

Miller Chill talking here:
Man, I don't like hanging out in this cart, I wish I was back in the cooler with all the other cool beers. Oh, hey, it's a person, OOOHHHH pick me, pick me! Damn. Oh, wait, he's back! He's checking out the price.... still checking.... stillllllllllll checking.... Sweet, I'm in!

Ah, back in a fridge again, this is the good life. Hey guys, what's up?!

Stone Russian imperial stout talking:
How did you get in here? Are we having guests over? Did I miss the memo about beer pong?

Chimey talking:
Seriously, a lime beer?! Aren't you the guy's that coined the phrase, don't fruit the beer?

Full Sail Imperial Porter talking:
I don't know how he got in the cart with me, don't look at me.

Belhaven Scottish Ale:
Maybe it's the economy, he's trying to save money by convincing himself beer doesn't taste good?

No way, have you seen the basement at this place? There's some guys down there with accents I can't even understand.

Miller Chill:
Hey, we're all beer right? Party time?!

(Door opens)

Hey, what's the deal, no fridge light? Haha, looks like I'm first today guys!
Oh crap, not the freezer!
Ok, frosty glass, it's showtime!
(fart) oh, hope that didn't smell too bad...
Beer, beer, beer, beer, I am beer. Ohhh shiney, i like glass tables. Oh, oops, almost forgot - LIME!
LIME, lime. LIME, beer.
I wonder if lime ruines what beeriness I have, hmmm well I'll just focus coating taste buds like a cough drop. I wonder if this is what raw tree sap tastes like?! nah I've got lots of brothers, people must like me.

Ok, yeah, that's cool, we'll just chill a little bit and have some peanuts.
Hey, hey you! Hey, wait!
He must be on a pee break...
Hey,where did you get that new glass?! Wait, what's that? It's full?!

Oh, well, I understand. Hey, it's not you its me and, well hey, you're alright; don't worry we're still cool, I'll just hang out and chill here.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Aventinus - Eisbock

Aventinus - Eisbock


They freeze this beer and scoop out the ice before it gets bottled, which makes the beer stronger and intensities all the flavors.

No exception here - It's just an explosion of a belgian beer goodness. Dark pour with a head that just keeps building. It tastes spicy and sweet, like a good bock, but much more intense - one sip was almost like a whole glass, coats your tastebuds. It's not as thick as I expected - maybe that's due to the carbonation. As it warmed it got sweeter, I think it tastes like what would happen if you mixed a trappist beer with a barleywine and an imperial stout.

Belhaven Scottish Ale - Draught

Belhaven Scottish Ale - Draught

This is one of my favorite Scottish ales. And it's got a widget +1 cool factor.

Great nitro pour for a can, just look at the picture! Nice malty peaty scottish alse taste with the smooth creamyness of a nitro. No gritty dirt taste like you sometimes get with the guiness draught cans. Continues to be an exceptionally smooth beer all the way through the glass, a great beer to relax with after a long day.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada - Pale Ale

Usually, when I can't decide what I want, I grab a Sierra Nevada. It's just always a good choice. Crisp, clean, hoppy, malty, good body and mouthfeel, good aroma, solid head, good carbonation - It's a great all around beer.

Plus, I think they have the easiest bottles to clean and prep for homebrew use.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scuttlebutt - Homeport Blonde

Scuttlebutt - Homeport Blonde

Anthony's restaurant is the only place I know to get this brew in Bellingham. Supposedly it's only brewed for Anthony's, the the internet tells me otherwise... Pretty tasty, went really well with fried oysters. Nothing too fancy, very clean tasting but not in a lager type way. Some hops, some malt, good almost citrsy smell. We'll call it a versitle drinkable beer. I'll probably get it again sometime.

North Fork - Nitro Porter

MMMMmmmm Nitro Porter. All the porter goodness with a creamy nitro head. Wow, that sounded almost pornographic... It was good but not that good... lol. Solid porter on a nitro pour, not much else to say, go get a glass.

Rouge - Brewer's Ale

Rouge - Brewer's Ale

Oh, wow, this stuff is thick! And pungent - strong sweet barlywiny beery smell explodes when you pour it!

I was a little overwhelmed with my first sip - wayyyyyy sweeter than I was expecting. But that turned out to be a good thing. Sweet and almost chewy, this beer was a sipper. No real alcohol sharpness, but you know it's there. Some roasty malt flavors come out as it warms up. Butterscotch carmel flavors dominate, this beer is almost like a carmel flavored port wine. No real hop flavors, but I'm ok with that because this is definatly a desert beer, kinda spendy but worth a try.

Rouge - Deadliest Ale

Rouge - Deadliest Ale.

Boo. Totally over hyped. Guess I'm not surprised...

My official review:
It's an amber. It tastes better than Mac and Jack's. I will never buy it again.

Scuttlebutt - Tripel

Scuttlebutt - Tripel

This was (for me) the perfect mix of a belgian beer's sweetness with an american beer's malty/hoppiness. Great balance, it starts off with a belgian like sweetness, almost tasted like a sugarcane, and that get's balanced by a light hop taste, kind of like how bacon compliments pancakes and maple syrup, and finishes with a smooth roasty maltiness.

Start to finish, I really enjoyed this beer - I'd call it an American Trappist Style.

review pending

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stone: Russian Imperial Stout '07 to '08


Wow, wasn't expecting this since I haven't had too much of it prior to this experience. This is a heavy thick beer hailing 10% abv with a maple'y thickness typical of a heavy imperial stout/porter/ipa. The head poured out a denser tan foam that dissappated quickly but left a smooth tingle. This beer coated my mouth and left a sharpe alcohol bite.


This one had the same qualities as the 2007 but it was far less. I wouldn't say it was more drinkable in any way but it definetly was a little less. The carbonation was almost effervescent yet it maintained the same bite and head. Overall a decent couple of beers but I'd recommend letting it sit for a year or two.

Georgetown Brewery: Manny's Pale Ale

I found this ale at The Grande in Bellingham. Good ale, doesn't try to be an IPA like so many others but it is a medium bodied ale with a hazy honey color. I've mentioned this beer before and I still like it. Now if I could only find more stuff from Georgetown.