Tuesday, May 31, 2011

oakshire: o'dark 30

Oh delicious. Very close to iparter. Great smell, imperial porter style, and a dark body of a black hole. It's black but not super black, looks great at the table. As all Oakshire beers, this one is great as well. Good body, great blend of hops and bitters, and a good not so sweet but paired great with black malt. Excellent.
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Hub: IPA

Hub IPA. Sweet floral hoppy scent. Very light body with little flavor or mouth feel. Aside from the smell, there isn't anything to this beer. The lingering hopiness fades slowly away and leaves a bitter twinge that I thought paired very well with the spicy Thai food it accompanied. It was hopped well and seemingly more to style than I would like. Because of this, I would say this is a great ipa.
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Friday, May 20, 2011

McMenamins Roggen Wolf Rye Ale

This is a delicious beer. It has a rye tang to it with a great esb type flavor. Very good, great smell, good clean summer beer mouth feel. Color is per the picture, white head that dissipated quickly and didn't cling to the the glass. Overall, good beer.
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

sasquach brew festival

Rogue hair of beard
Red barley wine. Good color, white head, nice thick body. Classic rogue.
Oregon trail ales
Smoke signal ale. Fire roasted barley. Good finish, smokey aftertaste with nothing present in the mouth. Good for a smoked.
Fort George
Coffee girl stout. Awesome. Passes stout hole in a 1.5" glass. Kung pow in my face. Usually used to coffee porters so this is good but different.
Walking man brewery
Northwest imperial oatmeal porter. Is take a picture, but imagine a black hole. There ya go. Not what I was expecting. Smooth like an oatmeal, bite like a imperial, no porter tastes. Fail.

Anderson valley
Nettied madge black ipa. Dry hop sweet smell, black body, not a good ipa, not a good porter.
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Friday, May 6, 2011

laurelwood tree hugger porter

Not even 10 minutes back in Oregon and I found laurelwood brewery by my gate. Their beers are labeled pale, ipa, stout, porter, unlike the Chicago restaurants. This beer has a light body but a more pleasant pallet probably appreciated my a more diverse palette (I don't think its great but most people will). Very little head that dissipated quickly and a good after taste with a lingering porter flavor I love. It's not the sweet kind of porter that coats your mouth and I appreciate that. Overall I think the beer could only use a smidge more black malt and it would be perfect for me. For everyone else, this beer is a great porter.
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Billy Goat, Dark

While in Chicago I stumbled upon a local favorite called Billy Goat Tavern and Grill. Cheezborgers, cheeps, "lager", and "dark". Don't really knows who brew it yet but I'll find out. Served flat, syrup flavor, more of a weak stout than a porter. Nothing wrong with it, nothing right. Paul was my server, nice guy. Hails from Greece actually. Oddly enough, this has been my favorite watering hole in my travels of Chicago. Navy Pier was the location and the day was slow. I was glad of that. If you ever make it to this place try it out. Don't expect anything and you won't be disappointed.
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